7 Amazing webcomics you haven’t heard of

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If you haven’t heard of webcomics, they’re exactly the same as traditional comics but in digital format. Since the mid-80s when the world’s first webcomics were published online, the market has continued to grow and there are now thousands of digital graphic novels available for your enjoyment.

Whether you like your stories packed full of action and adventure, comedy, or morality, there’s certainly a webcomic out there that’s perfect for you.

To get you started, here’s our list of seven great webcomics you haven’t heard of.

If you haven’t heard of webcomics, they’re exactly the same as traditional comics but in digital format. Since the mid-80s when the world’s first webcomics were published online, the market has continued to grow and there are now thousands of digital graphic novels available for your enjoyment. #webcomic #comic #comics #digitalart #art

This relatively new webcomic has only been going since 2016 and is less known than many of the older kids on the block. But, in just two years it’s really made its mark on the industry.

The comic follows Persephone, a bonafide anti-hero and all-around screw-up. The witty narrative, beautiful artwork, and attention to detail make Barbarous a captivating urban adventure that’s worth staying tuned for.

barbarous ch1

The Johnny Wanderer team consists of cartoonist Yuko Ota and writer Ananth Hirsh, and they enlisted J.N Wiedle who is the author of Helvetica to color Yuko’s illustrations. Babarous isn’t their only webcomic: check out the Johnny Wander website for other awesome offerings.

6. The Dreamer

Lora Innes updates her webcombic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and has enjoyed a loyal following since 2007.

The story follows Bea Whaley who transports back to 1776 when she dreams at night. Bea lives her life caught between Revolutionary War violence and her modern day experiences, and Lora does a spectacular job of giving great detail to both existences.

the dreamer issue 1

From the beautifully drawn panels to the impressively researched historical accuracy, The Dreamer offers an exciting take on the genre of historical comics. Whether you’re a history buff or simply a fan of adventure stories, The Dreamer will keep you hanging on for every new episode.

5. Radio Silence

Radio Silence offers a more interactive webcomic experience and brings its characters to life like no other.

Started in 2015 by Vanessa Stefanuik, the tale focuses on a British pop band as they navigate the challenges that come with new-found fame while touring Europe. What makes Radio Silence special is that each character has their own Spotify playlist and each update its own soundtrack.

As well as great character detail and unique drawings, Radio Silence gives readers an insight into Europe’s strong musical culture and transports you into a world where you almost feel as though you’re part of the band.

Catch new episodes every Tuesday.

4. Check, Please!

check please webcomic

From a comic about music to a comic about sport, Check, Please follows Eric “Bitty” Bittle as he transitions from an ice skater to a hockey player.

The story follows its vlog-loving protagonist as he navigates his way through four years of college, and according to artist Ngozi Ukazu herself, Check, Please! is about “hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best 4 years of your life”. Now that’s something many of us can relate to!

Since its launch in 2013, this webcomic has drawn a huge following that has seen artist Ngozi Ukazu embark on successful tours with her book. Check, Please! is updated monthly, and between episodes, fans can follow Bitty on his very own Twitter account where additional details of the story are posted.

3. Looking for Group

lookingforgroup webcomic

Looking for Group is a Canadian fantasy-themed webcomic with a twist. Instead of the characters fighting evil and trying to make the world a better place, the characters in LFG are the bad guys which gives the story-lines a fun and sometimes naughty edge that other comics in the genre just don’t have.

Drawn by Lar DeSouza and written by Ryan Sohmer, this refreshing take on the fantasy genre follows the adventures of Cale’Anon and Richard, and many other companions.

Looking for Group has been going since November 2006 and has received much praise: especially from World of Warcraft fans. This long-running story shows no sign of slowing down with updates being released every Monday and Thursday.

2. Romantically Apocalyptic

romantically apocalyptic

This multimedia masterpiece combines digital art, photography, poetry, video and more to create an immersive dystopian world that’s earned itself a legion of loyal fans.

The story follows Zee Captain, a mysterious space wizard and self-elected emissary of humanity, and his team of helpers as they navigate a post-apocalyptic world. 

The concept was devised back in 2005 by art director Vitaly S Alexius and grew into the online graphic novel it is today by 2010. Since then, new frames have been published weekly in the form of collaborative work by more than ten regular artists.

We also love that Romantically Apocalyptic has been translated into multiple languages, giving it global appeal.

1. Strong Female Protagonist

Artist Molly Ostertag and writer Brennan Lee Mulligan’s creation follows the adventures of a young middle-class American girl named Alison who possesses super-human strength and invincibility, as well as an overwhelming sense of social justice. These powers combined lead to questions on morality, philosophy, and politics, as well as a healthy dose of kick-ass crime fighting.

Since its birth in 2012, Strong Female Protagonist has been lorded as a Watchmen-esque insight into what superheroes would be like in real life. 

strong female protagonist

The webcomic started life in black and white but now fans can look forward to twice-weekly updates in glorious color. If you like your webcomics with substance as well as great artwork and writing, Strong Female Protagonist will not disappoint.


Whether you’re new to the world of webcomics or you’ve been enjoying them for years, this list of our top seven great webcomics you haven’t heard of is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online adventure stories.

Which webcomic is your absolute favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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