The Origin Story of Artfixed

In the Spring of 2014, a computer science student started talking with a beautiful yet sophisticated artist. He nicknamed her “Nightingale” for she had problems sleeping both due to insomnia and a crazy neighbour. Nightingale was clearly talented in her craft and quickly made John feel outmatched with her wit. A friendship grew.

Many months later Nightingale asked John if she should take a commission from an admirer. On the one hand, she really needed the money on the other the admirer might get the wrong idea. Quickly and without much thought, he told her to decline the commission based on moral grounds. It was easy for John to say because he was from a privileged life without big financial problems. He did not consider how hard life was without an extensive support network.

Less than a year later John decided to build a business in the art world because he had always been fascinated with it. Inspired by his experience, he decided that would be the purpose of his site.  Helping artists with their art. Providing the best information out there concerning their craft. 

People of Artfixed

John "Thatch" Thatcher

picture of a man

A Jack of All Trades. Having studied everything from chemistry to computer science, from web dev to writing. He's not a stranger to working with his hands: having built laboratories for universities, trade schools and rare metal factories. As a teen, he had a brief stint as a mobile human advertisement for a store so he could buy himself school supplies.  Has a certain love for graphite and sketching.

Gabrielle "Gabby" Germano

gabriella germano

A talented artist from Portugal or should I say the UK? She moves around. Graciously allowed me to use her artwork and is always available for me when I have questions. You should check her out!

Tony Clavelli

Tony Clavelli is a writer and stopmotion animator. Some of his fiction can be found in the writing section of this blog. He graduated from the West Virginina University MFA program in fiction. He likes comic books, hand-claps in music, the Chicago Cubs, and most surprises. His animated for ChungAng animation in the Korean animated children's series The Galaxy Kids. You can watch the reel on the animation page with the password: TonyC

You can contact him by pasting into the "to" address in your e-mail and then typing whatever you like. Or use Twitter or yell really loud. (Please do not attempt telepathy. The inbox filled up and this writer doesn't know how to clear it.)

Janet Perkins

Janet is our resident writer for everything the guys don't know. She took up writing because of her love for books and reading. She's a mother of a 10 year old son and can be found always creating or renovating around her home. DIY is in her blood, much like her mother she loves scrapbooking, sewing and inventing simple things. She also loves playing Pokemon.