17 Great Animation Blogs in 2019

the guide to animation blogs

​Animators are a special breed. Because unlike actors, the characters they create are tireless, purposeful and free from any human shortcoming. But in order to create these pieces of art, they need to be their best, learn from the best and produce their best. With that in mind, I've scoured the internet in search of the coolest individuals and the blogs they frequent. Not all of them use animation software, some of them get their hands physically dirty in stop-motion animation.

“Producing an animation series merely to fill time slots in the broadcast schedule is like generating cultural pollution.”― Hayao Miyazaki

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Without further ado, here are GREAT 18 animation blogs you should check out:

Animation Magazine

​Animation Magazine turned 30 in 2017. Happy Birthday! On top of just being the news magazine for the animation industry it also is a comprehensive resource for animators looking to study or work. So it's definitely worth checking out regardless where you're from may it be the Americas, Europe or Asia. I only wished the site loaded faster.

Creatrix Artibus

Love beautifully crafted scenes in stop-motion? Then you'll adore Alexandra's blog. An intimate look into behind the scenes of stop-motion animation with an individual who clearly enjoys her craft.

Animation Anomaly

Charles Kenny has been blogging for 7 years.  On his blog you can expect interviews with industry experts, critique of the scene and helpful guides about how to think as an aspiring animator/creator. He's both prophet and mentor. But also someone who knows that learning never stops.

I Want To Be An Animator

Chiara Porri has an infectious passion for animation. From Italy, she's been in the animation game for over 10 years and has now decided to share her experience with others through her blog.

Animation World Network

Much like Animation Magazine, AWN is a truly comprehensive. Better suited for staying up to date with news rather than learning. They also have a highly active forum that I occasionally frequent when I have need of expertise.

Cartoon Brew

Since 2004, Cartoon Brew has been covering animation news, trends and happenings. Under the leadership of Amid Amidi it's become one of the leading news sites for anything animation and film.


Motiongrapher excells at inspiration. Should you ever feel a bit tapped out, then I suggest you make a visit. Although a general news site for film, design, animation, tutorials and other industry specific news coverage, it sets itself apart by reaching it's audience at a more visceral level.

Tim Rudder

I love Tim's site. Easy to navigate, fast and just enough depth to keep you binging. If you're looking for some insight into animation then Tim's breakdowns are just perfect for that.

On Animation

An even broader animation news site. A holistic approach to animation, writing, acting and learning. Really easy to navigate to their resources and a really fast site.

3D Artist Online

3D artist as the name suggests is a hub of news and resources for the aspiring or professional 3D artist. From software to tutorials, everything is covered.

Lee Griggs

His abstract, spooky and fantastic portraits keep you at the edge of your seat, wondering... what's next? Outside of his beautiful work he's also a huge fan of Arnold ( the renderer, not the governor). So if you're interested in learning more about the software you should check him out. If not you should still check him out.


A beloved website by many animators. Includes resources and a vibrant forum for animation lovers. The only downside is their reluctance for moving on from flash. They also host sorta famous monthly competitions.


Currently in beta, Artella is an awesome animation collaboration platform. It allows you to set up your own virtual studio with all the bells of whistles you'd expect. You can collaborate with creators around the world to finish a project.

Ricardo Ayasta

Ricardo has an awesome blog. He's a bit cocky but if you don't like it, keep reading, you'll learn to love it. He frequently posts interesting animation related content from other creators.

CG Spectrum

For animators looking for a career advice. CG offers really practical insight from practicing industry leaders. If you're a student or an aspiring animator then it's a site worth checking out.


IAnimate is another stunning online animation school website with a fairly active blog. The main reason I'm featuring them is because their homepage got my heart racing a little bit.


A blog for Animschool, you probably guessed it,  one of the great online alternatives to learning animation. Their blog offers no-nonsense practical advice to understanding digital animation.

The Animated Film Industry

Amanda's blog is beautiful. TAFI is run an individual with a passion for the art of animation. From festivals you've never heard of to the Oscars. She covers a variety of events related to the arts. Although I wish it was easier to navigate. She's also not short on honest reviews of movies.

James Chiang is another purist who loves animation. If you're an aspiring student of animation be sure to check out the site to learn from his critique and other thoughts on artistic living.

Who are your favorites?

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