Chapter 06: Entertaiment

Want to be informed but don't want to read boring articles or listen to boring lectures? This article serves purely the purpose of entertaining while  showing glimpses into the art world. Enjoy! Please leave a comment if you know of something great everybody should see.

Short Documentary Series

Oscar Boyson's Artnet Pieces

I love his work and this series.

Vice Art

i-D series with Grace Neutral


What makes art valuable?

BBC Treasures of the Louvre

The World's Most Expensive Stolen Paintings

Hunting for Expensive Paintings

How to identify old paintings

Art Movies

The Thomas Crown Affair 

Remake of the classic but I personally prefer the 1999 version The Thomas Crown Affair.

The Da Vinci Code

Love it or hate it the Da Vinci Code

Art Tv Series

The dramatized life of a sexy young Leonardo Da Vinci. Pretty good series. Ran for 3 seasons. Don't expect it to be entirely true to real life.

Da Vinci's Demons

The Art of More a soap/drama about a high end auction house. I liked it.

The Art of More

Art Games

Online Art Games - Guess who, learning and abstract 

Artsology  - Some of these games are a bit dark. Might be better for young adults and not so much for kids.

Incredible Art

Got anything you want everyone to see? Leave a comment and I'll add it.

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