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    You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

    Jim Rohn 
    American entrepreneur and author
    people around you

    So what to you do if you don't have a lot of artists in your immediate family or friends?

    You join various internet communities and build relationships!

    Here's a list of blogs, podcasts and other forum like spaces you might want to make a habit of consuming.

    I listen to atleast 1 hour long podcast every afternoon and always read interesting articles when something shows up. I also read things I hate or fear because my personal feelings should not get in the way of me expanding my horizon.



    1. SuggestedNationPodcast - Artists Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff talk art
    2. The Collective Podcast
    3. The Savvy Painter
    4. ArtTactic
    5. Art Heroes
    6. Art Marketing
    7. The Abundant Artist 
    8. Artist Helping Artists
    9. RadioLab
    10. 99%Invisible


    1. Sycra
    3. Sarah Dietschy
    4. Jeff Watts 
    5. Jazza
    6. Paul Klein
    7. Jaywalker Pictures
    8. Robin Clonts
    9. Leonardo Pereznieto
    10. Mark Crilley
    11. Sketchy Natalia
    12. Hyun
    13. KelogsLoops
    14. Peter Draws
    15. Coco Bee Art
    16. Mangaka
    17. Agnes Cecile
    18. Jerrys Artarama
    19. Chris Samba
    20. The Sea Rabbit
    21. Audra AuClair


    1. MuddyColors
    2. GurneyJourney
    3. SevenCamels
    4. Ctrl+Paint
    5. Parka Blogs
    6. Holly C Brown
    7. Findivan


    1. LevelUp Facebook Community - submit your art for critique
    2. ArtBuddy - Find an accountability partner 
    3. Sycra Forum - Find likeminded people
    4. Wetcanvas Forum - Find likeminded people
    5. TheArtColony Forum - Find likeminded people
    6. Deviant Art
    7. Artist Daily
    8. ArtRage
    9. Artist Forum (org)
    10. Artist Forum (com)
    11. Concept Art
    12. A Singular Creation
    13. Art Forum
    14. Vision Art Forum

    In this article you will find the most highly recommended books, teachers and courses - free and paid to get better at your craft. I went on twitter and asked 100 talented artists which resources they would recommend for the beginner.


    1. DrawSpace - Mostly Paid
    2. ParkaBlogs - Paid Tutorials
    3. Art Fundamentals - Drawabox redditor
    4. Proko - Free and Paid
    5. Sycra - Free
    6. Craftsy - Paid
    7. LevelUp - Free
    8. VitruvianStudio
    9. conceptdesignacad
    10. LivingArtsCentre
    11. Fantasio
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