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John Thatcher is a computer science educated artist. He uses technology to solve artist problems. His friends don't like it when he speaks of himself in the third person. But John does it anyway, because he's a rebel.

The 10 Best Drawing Tablets 2017

By John Thatch / a couple of weeks ago

Digital art is not for everyone. It takes character and hard work. But if you are so inclined, then in this article you will find gathered the best tablets for drawing. After reviewing hundreds of drawing devices, certain patterns emerged: most artists with smaller surfaces want bigger surfaces and the most universal problem? Drivers. Dodging […]

The Best 4K Camera 2017

By John Thatch / 3 weeks ago

If you’re a keen videographer and you haven’t already ventured into the world of 4K, chances are that you’re thinking of doing it. After the 2003 launch of the Dalsa Origin, the world’s first commercially available 4K camera, the technology was slow to grow. It took until 2010 for YouTube to support the format, and […]

The Best Cameras For Youtube 2017

By John Thatch / last month

Since its formation in 2005, YouTube has given birth to a whole new genre of celebrity. It’s now possible to make a living from posting videos to the sharing site, and with the likes of Zoella, Casey Neistat and Markiplier earning mega bucks from their channels, it’s no wonder that interest in vlogging has increased […]

The Best Photo Scanners 2017

By John Thatch / last month

Scanning photographs isn’t the most exciting undertaking, and it’s something that many people put off for as long as possible. But, choosing the correct photo scanner can turn what is otherwise a tedious task into an enjoyable and satisfying project. Whether you’re backing up family photos, working on an archiving project, or you’re a photography […]

The 10 Best Airbrushes 2017

By John Thatch / last month

For years the art of airbrushing has been in decline. Some even call it dead. But a few dedicated souls remain still invested in the craft. Those few who remain however, hold the passion of thousands.In this article you’ll find a few great airbrushes and airbrush kit. Iwata, Olympus, EFBE, Badger, Harder and Steenbeck and […]

The 7 Best Colored Pencils For Artists

By John Thatch / last month

There are no clear cut, absolute best colored pencils.Because most experienced artists tend to mix, match and develop a distinct style they like.An artist will have a set of colored pencils they prefer, that they’ll compile according to their personal experience. Each colored pencil has their own composition, features and flaws.But…A rule of thumb to […]

The 5 Best DSLR for Video 2017

By John Thatch / last month

In the early 2000’s, the only real options available for shooting video were ‘camcorders’. Fast forward a decade and videographers’ are crying out for a camera that is more compact and budget friendly. And that is where DSLR’s come in. Those larger ‘traditional’ camcorders aren’t being made anymore, and, after a slight dip in interest […]

The 5 Best Video Editing Laptops in 2017

By John Thatch / last month

With so many options on the market, it can be a tough and sometimes frustrating task to buy a new laptop. And, when you have a very specific requirement for your new device, such as video editing software, it can be even harder to find “the one”.With more and more video editors needing to be flexible, […]

The Best Tablets for College 2017

By John Thatch / last month

Here’s a fun fact: there are over 52+ companies that make tablets. In fact, a lot more. But at a certain point the quality has gone down so much that I just stopped looking for alternatives. Most tech review sites like CNET, PCMag and what not recommend  only a handful of companies and with good […]

Science For Creative Professionals

By John Thatch / a couple of months ago

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 This 2011 CDC study suggests that approximately only 20% of the US population exercises (it varies by state). By extension we can assume that only 20% of artists exercise. This means that only 20% of artists are going the extra mile to be a better artist. Of course we can’t assume […]

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