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John Thatcher is a computer science educated artist. He uses technology to solve artist problems. His friends don't like it when he speaks of himself in the third person. But John does it anyway, because he's a rebel.

7 Amazing webcomics you haven’t heard of

By John Thatch / November 24, 2018

If you haven’t heard of webcomics, they’re exactly the same as traditional comics but in digital format. Since the mid-80s when the world’s first webcomics were published online, the market has continued to grow and there are now thousands of digital graphic novels available for your enjoyment. Whether you like your stories packed full of action […]

How Much Do Tattoos Cost 2018

By John Thatch / November 12, 2018

If you’ve started doing your research you’ll know that there’s no simple answer to the question “how much will my new ink cost?”. But, in this article, we give you some insight into how much you can expect to pay for different types of tattoos. For our pricing, we’re using the average fee of a tattoo […]

29 Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

By John Thatch / October 6, 2018

Whether you’re having your first tattoo or your 20th tattoo, it’s likely that you’ll be worried about the pain of getting it done. But, did you know that not all tattoos hurt the same amount? Some parts of the body are tougher to tattoo than others, and the pain can vary from a slight sting to […]

The 5 Best Monitors For Graphic Design 2018

By John Thatch / October 6, 2018

As a designer working in the digital sector, you’ll know that having the correct equipment for the job will make the difference between a frustrating day at the office and an enjoyable creative experience. We’ve previously covered the best laptops, computers, and printers for graphic designers, and next, we’re going to break down the world of […]

Tips for Inktober 2018

By John Thatch / September 24, 2018

Introduction https://www.mrjakeparker.com/inktober-1/ Inktober began life in 2009 when Jake Parker set himself the task of improving his inking and to get into the habit of drawing every day. Since then, October’s event has grown into a worldwide phenomenon and thousands of artists participate in the challenge to create 31 drawings in 31 days. Fun as it is, Inktober […]

The Best Laptops for Graphic Design 2018

By John Thatch / September 9, 2018

As a graphic designer, you’re going to want a laptop that can keep up with you. Creative software is notoriously demanding to run, so you’re going to need a high spec machine to handle your work without any annoying lag. The computing market in 2018 is competitive, and so there are loads of incredible options available […]

The Best Printers for Graphic Design 2018

By John Thatch / September 8, 2018

If you’re a graphic designer and you work with large-scale prints, obviously you’re going to need a printer that’s capable of delivering your images. One option is to use a commercial printing service, but as your business grows and your output increases, having your own artist printer makes much more sense from an economic standpoint. […]

The 5 Best Computers for Graphic Design (2018)

By John Thatch / August 29, 2018

As a graphic designer you’ll already know that using the right computer is pivotal to the success of your work. Having the right spec and design can make your life so much easier and can give you the power to elevate your art to the next level. If you’re searching for a new computer for your […]

The 7 Best Graphic Design Software (Free & Paid)

By John Thatch / August 21, 2018

It used to be that text was everything: words were king and the accompanying visuals were merely an afterthought. But, a lot has changed since then and in many cases how a website, magazine or poster looks is more important than the content within. As a graphic designer, this probably isn’t news to you, and you’ll […]

The 8 Best Mouses for CAD (2018)

By John Thatch / August 12, 2018

As a digital designer, your computer setup is a personal choice that will depend on many factors: from your workspace to your project types. Many designers prefer to use a tablet and stylus for navigating their design software, but computer mice optimized specifically for design and CAD work are an often overlooked alternative that might just […]

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