The 10 Best 3D Pens 2020

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Buying a 3D pen will open you up to a new world of creativity, and there’s so much you can do with one: from designing accessories and building models to creating unique pieces of art.

3D pens work by heating up plastic filament which is then fed through a nozzle to create thin streams of soft plastic that hardens almost instantly. This allows you to create rigid, 3D designs that bring your artwork up off of the page. For this article, we’ve hand-picked our ten best 3D printing pens available to buy right now. #3d #pen #art #design #drawing #render #sketch #digitalart #artist #animation #illustration #3dart #draw #pencil #cinema4d #artsy #3dprinting

3D pens work by heating up plastic filament which is then fed through a nozzle to create thin streams of soft plastic that hardens almost instantly. This allows you to create rigid, 3D designs that bring your artwork up off of the page.

For this article, we’ve hand-picked our ten best 3D printing pens available to buy right now.

What to look for when buying a 3D pen:

  • Speed and temperature – some pens allow detailed control of speed and temperature, whereas others are more limited. Professionals will require more control than hobbyists, so this will depend entirely on your skill level. Also, look out for display screens which record your current settings.

  • Materials – Some kits come with filament included but sometimes you’ll have to buy it separately. Look for brands that offer non-toxic plastic filament, and pens that can handle multiple materials.

  • Corded – The slimmer pens tend to be corded which some people find to be restrictive. It’s the price you pay for a lightweight pen, though.

  • Suitable for kids – If you’re looking for a 3D pen for kids, keep an eye out for age limits and safety features.  

10. Create

Create from 3Doodler is the best 3D pen on the market for adult crafters.

  • +Designed for artists and DIYers
  • +Slim, lightweight, and quiet
  • +Uses high-quality, non-toxic plastics
  • -Clogs easily

3Doodler is the creator of the world’s first 3D pen, and this model is the best one from them yet. Designed for hobbyists, DIYers, professional artists, and designers, this high-quality pen is perfect for creating models, wearable items, and art. Its slim and lightweight design prevents hand strain when using it for a long period of time. The enhanced design is easy to manage, and the improved drive system delivers smooth and quiet operation.

It’s easy to switch between colors, and the plastics used are non-toxic and made in the USA, UK, and Spain to ensure high quality. The changeable nozzle on this pen is unique and won’t cause a mess when you want to switch things up, and it’s easy to speed up and slow down the flow of plastic to suit your workflow. 

If you’re not sure where to begin with 3D art, 3Doodler offer hundreds of free stencils to help get your creativity flowing. If you’re a newcomer to 3D pens though, it should be noted that this one is a little tricky to get to grips with and can easily clog if you don’t know what you’re doing.

AIO Robotics’ Full-Metal Premium 3D pen is the most comfortable option on the market.

  • +Premium metal build quality
  • +Plenty of control over its settings
  • +OLED display
  • -Corded design can be restrictive

If you’re interested in 3D modeling, this premium pen is an excellent starting place. The light barrel feels great in the hand without losing any build quality, so you can use it for as long as you need without your hand becoming fatigued.

The control buttons allow you to adjust the temperature and feed rate to suit your materials and your design, which gives you more control than you’d have with some of the cheaper 3D pens on the market. There’s also an OLED display which makes it easy to keep an eye on your settings.

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This pen isn’t cordless which might feel limiting to some, but we think it’s worth being tied down in favor of the beautifully slim design.

The slim design and smart features of MYNT3D’s Professional Printing 3D pen make it simple and fun to use.

  • +Excellent control over speed and temperature
  • +Large OLED screen
  • +Comes with three colors of plastic filament
  • -The power cord is too short

You’re in full control with this 3D pen: the temperature can be adjusted in 1-degree increments between 130°C and 230°C, the feed can be instantly adjusted, and the large OLED display helps you monitor your settings.

The slim body is lightweight enough for smaller hands to handle, but MYNT3D also offer an equally-as-good junior version for younger kids.

Last update on 2023-02-13

The kit includes three colors of ABS plastic filament means you can start experimenting right away.

As we’ve already noted, to design a pen as slim as this it’ll need to be corded, but the cable on MYNT3D’s model really should be longer.

TECBOSS’s 3D Pen is our go-to option for families and hobbyists.

  • +Good material choices
  • +Patented ceramic nozzle
  • +Suitable for kids aged 5+
  • -Speed control isn’t as good as with some other pens

There’s a nice amount of flexibility with regards to materials with this 3D pen, and it can support PLA and ABS at a diameter of 1.75±0.02 mm so you can work with what suits you best. The patented ceramic nozzle design makes it safe and easy to use, and the flow of the filament is stable and easy to handle.

The 8-speed levels don’t give the detailed level of control that you get from some of the pricier pens, but hobbyists will likely find this to be plenty. 

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The OLED display shows which material you’re using and your speed and temperature settings, which is a handy feature we’ve come to expect from higher-end 3D pens.

Kids over the age of five years old can use this pen too, and the included finger protectors make it safer for children to operate. This makes it a great option for families who enjoy crafting together.

Adults and children will love this easy-to-use 07A 3D pen from Dikale.

  • +Easy operation
  • +Safe for kids to use
  • +Great added extras
  • -Speed options are limiting

Adults can, of course, use this pen, but it’s aimed mainly at children. It’s super easy to get to grips with this 3D pen: simply plug it in, heat it up, and you’re ready to create. This makes it a great option for beginners, or for anyone who’s trying 3D drawing for the first time.

You can choose from three temperature and speed modes, and buttons don’t require long presses like some of the others on our list which makes them easier for kids to operate. 

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The speed choices can feel a little limiting and we found them to be either too fast or too slow, but that’s likely down to personal preference. The LCD screen displays settings clearly, and there are great safety features like auto shut off and auto sleep to avoid the pen being accidentally left on.

This pen comes with 12 colors of PLA which give you plenty of materials to flex your creativity with, and the finger and thumb protectors keep kids safe from burns when operating the pen.

This 3D Pen from Merlion is a superb option for creative kids.

  • +Includes 12 non-toxic filaments
  • +Stepless speed control
  • +Includes 3D drawing stencils
  • -Might be too complex for younger kids

This 3D pen is a great tool for kids to push their creativity and improve their spatial thinking ability.

A pack of 12 PLA filaments is included in the kit so you can get to work right away. PLA is also more environmentally friendly than ABS, and when it melts it's non-toxic and odorless which is important in any product designed for children.

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Even though this pen is marketed at kids there are some excellent adult-friendly features on board. The speed adjustment on this pen is stepless so you can play around and get the perfect velocity for whatever project is being worked on. There’s great temperature control too, and you can adjust it in 1-degree increments.

The kit also comes with 3D drawing stencils to help kids (and adults) get started with 3D design. Although the pen is made for children aged 8+, it might be a little complex for anyone under the age of ten.

3Doodler’s Start Essentials Pen Set is the safest 3D pen on the market for kids.

  • +Designed to have no hot parts
  • +No need to control speed or temperature
  • +Comes with eco-plastic filaments included
  • -Filaments don’t last long

3Doodler markets this product as the only child-safe 3D pen, and it’s designed to have no hot parts. Both the nozzle and the plastic stay cool even when in operation, so children aged 8+ will have no trouble at all using it safely.

There’s only one speed and temperature on this pen, making it ultra-easy for small hands to use. The plastic hardens rapidly making it more manageable so kids can literally draw in the air.

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The pen set comes with 48 strands of eco-plastic to get creativity flowing straight away, and there’s a micro-USB charger included so kids won’t get tangled in cords. Most kids will get through the included plastic pretty quickly, so be aware that you’ll need to shell out for refills almost immediately.

This portable and easy to use 3D Pen from DigiHero is a hit with both adults and children.

  • +Suitable for kids age 5+
  • +Three speed and temperature settings
  • +Re-chargeable via USB

Designed to be safe for children aged 5+, the pen is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It comes with 12 colors of eco-friendly, non-toxic PLA filament which is considered safer by most experienced 3D pen users.

There are three temperatures and speeds to choose from and the advanced LCD screen presents all your settings in a clear way. The lowest speed is ideal for younger children or beginners and allows you to get to grips with 3D drawing before stepping the speed up a notch.

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The USB port power supply makes this pen portable, so it can be used indoors and outdoors and even taken on trips.

Although the pen is marketed for ages 5+, we think it’s better suited to older children and adults. So, unless your five-year-old is particularly dexterous, they might have a better time with 3Doodler’s Start Essentials Pen Set.

7TECH’s 3D Pen is a top option for children wanting to get creative.

  • +Non-toxic filaments cool quickly
  • +Clean-up is easy
  • +Lightweight and easy to use
  • -Only three filaments included in the kit

The non-toxic filament immediately cools once it’s been expelled so there’s no chance of accidental burns. The plastic also won’t stick to clothes, furniture, or hair, so there’s no danger of your child making a huge mess.

The pen is super-light and it’s easy enough for a kid to control without help. This 3D pen also has an advanced unclogging mechanism to stop the filament from jamming inside the pen no matter how roughly it’s handled.

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There are only three filaments included with this pen which is its only real drawback when compared with 3Doodler’s kid-friendly option, but other than that this is a great product at a great price.

Soyan’s 3D Pen is the cheapest good-quality option on the market.

  • +Excellent price
  • +Light enough for children to use
  • +Great control and usability
  • -Filament needs to be purchased separately

The main selling point of this 3D pen is that it offers excellent quality for less than $20. This price point makes it a great gift or the perfect option for your first foray into 3D drawing.

The lightweight and ergonomic body features a comfortable grip that feels great in both hands, and it’s light enough for kids to handle. 

No products found.

If you’re new to 3D art there are five templates included in the kit which are great for getting started with, and the user manual is easy to follow.

In terms of usability, getting going is as easy as plugging it in and hitting the feed button. Once you’re up and running the stepless speed control gives great flexibility when it comes to deciding how quickly you want to expel the filament. Choose a fast speed for filling large areas or slow down for intricate details.

Soyan’s 3D pen only comes with a sample of filament so bear in mind that there’ll be an additional outright cost for materials.


If you’re looking for a pro-level 3D pen for adults you can’t do any better than 3Doodler’s Create. It feels great to use and once you get the hang of it there’s no limit to its creative possibilities. If you’re in the market for a 3D pen for children, 3Doodle leads the pack again with their Start Essentials Pen Set. It’s perfectly safe for small hands and is easy and fun to use. For a budget option, we recommend Soyan’s 3D Pen. It’s cheap enough to experiment with and is a great first step into the world of 3D drawing.

Do you create artwork with a 3D pen? Which 3D drawing pen do you think is the best on the market? Let us know in the comments.

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