The 5 Best 3D Pens 2019

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Ask around and see how many people are aware of this piece of technology called a 3D pen. Well, this is tech that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world.

Just before I tell you some of the best 3D pens, let’s see how these pens work.

How does it work?

On this, the first thing you need to understand is that 3D pens are different from 3D printers. We had already seen that these pens use plastic instead of ink. The plastic filament needs to be inserted inside the pen where it will later get heated. This heat is is strong enough to melt the plastic filament turning it to a liquid and this is what you will be using to write. Something good about 3D pens is that you can use them to write on any surface.

These pens work almost the same as the glue gun. They usually come in many different colors probably to bring out the artistic beast inside you.

Honestly, there is no limit when it comes to what 3D pens can do. You are always used to drawing using the ordinary pencils which are usually two-dimensional, now what a 3D pen does, is adding another dimension. This usually brings out a clear message of your art as they appear to be more realistic.

Below is a sample of best 3D pens available in the market. I have chosen 5 best 3D pens with their features and brief reviews. This will help you to have a clear knowledge and understanding on what you are shopping for hence enables you to choose the best one for your needs.

The 5 Best 3D Pens 

The 3Doodler Create comes in beautiful 7 colors. The pen is stylish and easy to handle and can be used to design 3D objects in more colors that you can you desire.

Multiple changeable nozzles to express yourself in new and wildly different creative ways. The package also includes guides for many step by step projects. 

It heats up in just roughly a minute and you'll be ready to go once you insert the filament. It's one of the first greatest 3D pens.

This is also one of the top selling 3D pens on the market today. Just as this name might suggest, this 3D pen is an updated version of another 3D pen known as the legacy scribbler. It has quality ergonomics that are perfectly and amazingly build thus making this pen a breeze to use. 

The Scribbler 3D Pen V3 has a weight of about 67 grams and a dimension of 6 x 2 x 4 inches.

If this is the first time you are having an encounter with this pen, you will notice that this pen only comes in 8 different colors including green, blue, red, purple, yellow and white. However, this cannot block you from using filaments of different colors.
It is also light due to its small weight. This pen is also easy to operate as it usually works in a friendly manner thus making you operate it without any difficulties.

3. 7TECH 3D Pen

Those who designed this pen appear to have had the same idea in mind. It looks like their main aim was to come up with a pen that is much easy to use and give out a user-friendly nature. This pen is much convenient as it produces no noise when in use. It also has some additional features that make it even more awesome. 

For instance, it has the capability of notifying you when the plastic filament is getting stuck. This pen also has great thermal control ability. 

Perhaps one of the greatest features contained in this pen is the fact that it can also let you control the extrusion and regulate it to your own preferred speed. The 7TECH 3D pen weighs 65 grams and has a dimension of 7.3 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches and it can cost you a bit under 100$ to have one. The only problem with this pen is that while in use, the temperature can get too high and this can usually cause some skin damage when they come in contact.

Another great 3D pen that has really proven itself. With the awesome feature to increase extrusion of the filament, you'll be able to really fill up spaces faster while also being able to slow down the pen for more intricate work. It also allows for temperature switching which is needed for adjusting to different types of filaments.

Please bear in mind that these fumes although not all equally unsafe should not be inhaled and used in well ventilated area.

It's beautifully designed and feels very professional. A good choice.

This pen is also being sold under another different name and it is known as Joyluxy intelligent 3D. It only weighs 55 grams with LCD display and a dimension of 7 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches. This ccbetter intelligent 3D pen is quite basic since it has everything a 3D pen should have.

This pen will usually come in a box almost same as the one your Smartphone came in. When you open the box, you will find two supplied filaments alongside the power brick. The pen also comes with a stand that you can use to put your pen on when you are not using it

It also works on almost all the surfaces with great ease and a lot of consistency thus giving you brilliant results. This pen also has the capability of letting you know when the filament is heated enough and is now ready to be used. With all these amazing features you can rest be assured that this is one of the best 3D pens available in the market.

Wrapping it up

When you are shopping for a 3D pen, you need to know the functioning and the applications of the pen. You should also know that the 3D pens used nowadays might not be having the same features as the first 3Doodler models produced. 3D pens are usually for school projects or any small exhibition.

This means that you also need to have figured out the purpose for which you are buying the pen. This article is just a guide to help out consumers make the best choice when shopping for a 3D pen.

This is mainly because this market is still relatively new thus a lot of choices are involved and this might be quite confusing to the consumers. You can continue expressing yourself and enjoying art in 3D, but only when you make the right choices when shopping.

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