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Best Metal Prints Companies – Artfixed

Best Metal Prints Companies

The best metal prints companies to look at for a high-quality, impeccably printed, metal print are few. There are multiple ways each one stands out, and the reviews of the companies will give you an understanding of what to look for when you want a printed metal memory.

The best metal prints companies to look at for a high-quality, impeccably printed, metal print are few. There are multiple ways each one stands out, and the reviews of the companies will give you an understanding of what to look for when you want a printed metal memory. #metal #prints #companies #art #business

How to Choose the Best Metal Prints Company?

When looking at companies to print up your photos, you should not choose one based on the price of the printing alone. The price is a place to start, and you should take into consideration when making your final decision. The most expensive company is not necessarily the best, nor is it the cheapest the worst.

You should evaluate each company on how long you will need to wait for the prints to be completed. You should be able to consider how they are to be shipped to you and whether there are additional charges for shipping.

Look at Samples of Metal Prints

When looking to determine the best place for metal prints, you need to look at examples of their work. If possible, order samples from the company to review and compare the quality of each sample to other samples you have ordered. Look to compare the quality of each sample, how durable the samples are, and how they are hung and displayed before making your final decision.

Contacting Metal Prints Company

The best metal prints companies should have people to speak with about the type of print you will get. Having direct contact is a good way to ask important questions and find out more information about the best metal prints. It will also give you a direct contact just in case they are not delivered correctly or they are not the quality you expected.

Multiple Types of Metal Prints

The best metal photo prints should come in multiple sizes, formats, hanging styles, and color schemes. You should have many different options to choose from for the different types of metal prints you can order.

Package Deals on Metal Prints

Patience sometimes is the best way to choose your options. Different companies often will run sales or specific package deals. If you can wait to purchase, you can evaluate the different options for packages and wait to see if any sales occur regularly or for special occasions like a holiday.

Having multiple packages to choose from will give you options for what you want and need for your purchase. The best metal prints online will have special deals and coupons to help you with your purchase.

Materials used to Make Metal Prints

The best metal photo prints should have a list of metals and chemicals used in their printing. It is important to know what the photo will be made of and any chemicals that go into its making. While it is not something a lot of people will consider, it is good to understand possible allergic reactions or if the process.

Shipping and Delivery Time 

When you place an order for something, you want it to be a quality printing, but you also want it delivered in the time frame you need it. You should make sure you have an accurate timeline for delivery. You should be able to confirm this through quality and correct reviews.

Best Metal Prints Review

When you are preparing to make your final decision, as with any purchase you might make, you should read online reviews. Sometimes it is hard to find good and real reviews, but with a bit of digging, you will know whether the companies you are looking to work with are quality establishments. The best metal prints reviews should have many and high-quality.

What are the Best Metal Print Companies?

While only you can make the final choice for the best company for your needs, the below companies offer some of the best metal prints 2019. They are a place to start your search.


Pictorem, based out of Montreal, Canada, is deeply passionate about their art, which is their work. They have customers from around the globe. They offer brushed aluminum prints, HD metal print Chromaluxe prints that are dyed to a high gloss and epoxy metal prints.

They offer all their art forms in special shapes and as metal box prints. They have featured artists available to create their art from your memories and art choices. They have a promise of quality and offer some best photos for metal prints options in the world. They also have some of the best metal prints review online.


  • They can manage large scale projects, in addition to small scale projects.
  • They have amazing customer service.
  • They have 5 different types of metal prints to choose from.


  • They are not cost-effective.
  • Their editing wizard software for print specific orders is not user-friendly.

Printique: An Adorama Company

Printique, An Adorama Company, is based out of Brooklyn, New York. They offer a wide variety of types of metal prints that are delicate and eye-catching. They are sturdy and made to be 100% water-resistant and heat resistant. Their designs come in multiple types, shapes, and sizes with multiple ways to mount and display the finished product.

Printque offers its customers complete satisfaction with a money-back guarantee. The turnaround times are fast with plenty of options for contacting them before, during, and after the process of creating top-quality metal prints. They are one of the best places to order metal prints for their fast turnaround of a quality product. They are one of the best place to order metal prints.


  • The metal prints are cost-effective
  • The metal prints are 100% water and heat resistant.
  • The metal prints have multiple ways to hang or display them.


  • They do not have a quick turnaround for their metal prints.
  • Reviews indicate poor customer service.

BayPhoto Labs

Bay Photo Lab is a green lab making quality prints and metal pictures. They offer quality, service, and innovation through their digital technology. Bay Photo Lab is at the forefront of technology and was the very first photo lab to use the ROES system.

The ROES System allows for easy online ordering for the customer of many of their latest and greatest technologies, including their ThinWraps, a frameless picture display, and mounting system that are the best way to hang metal prints. Their MetalPrints are in the same category and have made the level of art. They are a Green Certified Business with a complete system of compliance to follow.


  • Green Certified Business
  • They offer extremely quick service with a production time of less than a week.
  • They use acrylic coatings to protect their metal prints from damage in the long-term.


  • Their products aren't cheap to produce.
  • They don't have as much of a variety as other companies.


ChromaLuxe is located in Kentucky, Belgium, and Australia, and each location they are producing top-quality metal prints. They are an environmentally proven company with an ISO 9001 Certificate of quality, involvement, and excellence. Their continuous innovation has brought them to the forefront of art and technology.

Their High Definition Metal Prints are some of the most sought-after pieces of art on the market. Their use of Aluminum and steel is made with recycled materials is 100% recyclable should there be a need. The products are good for mounting as well as casual display. They also have some of the best metal print review online.


  • They use a sublimated dye for vibrant results.
  • Chemicals or water cannot damage the prints.
  • 100% recycled materials and recyclable capabilities.


  • It's hard to know how expensive the prints are because each lab has its set prices.
  • They take a bit longer than other metal prints to get you your order.


Printing on metal can add images and long-lasting memories to a piece of metal. Printing on metal is done for a variety of reasons. The quality of the picture created is one in which color, the sensation of the image and the sharpness of the printing are captured. They are not easy to destroy, and they are a gift or and a memory that will not fade.

Of all the companies that print on metal, Bayview Photo Lab came out on top as the best place to get metal prints. They are also a Green Certified Company, and they make it easy for you to see what you are buying. They are a top-quality company that is known around the world for the best metal prints online and their commitment to providing you with excellence.

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