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Paper is used for documents, writing, art and print. It’s a commodity and adds a sense of permanence. Now-a-days, paper is made from several renewable sources, it’s inexpensive and lasts for decades. As an Artist, you want the best kind of paper for oil pastels. 

It should also be noted that as an Artist, you need the best quality paper for art prints. Some of the pieces could be worth millions one day, so we need the highest quality paper. 

Let's take a look at some of the best options for quality paper on the market. This article will review the company that manufactures the arts paper and then provie some pros and cons of each paper. This article will assist you in making a better educated decision on the type of paper you need for your next oil pastel or art prints. 

Paper is used for documents, writing, art and print. It’s a commodity and adds a sense of permanence. Now-a-days, paper is made from several renewable sources, it’s inexpensive and lasts for decades. As an Artist, you want the best kind of paper for oil pastels. #paper #art #prints #oil #pastels

The best paper for art prints and oil pastels


Canson Infinity high gloss photo paper is non- yellowing. 100% alpha cellulose creates the best photo paper for art prints. When preserved under glass the life of your work can be 84 – 118 years. Ink dries fast and is water resistant. Canson’s high quality makes it the best paper for exhibiting treasured museum quality prints.

Canson makes the best paper for your oil pastel drawings too. Mi-Teintes Touch is sanded paper that holds your oil pigments allowing you to work and rework your color layers.


•Papers are sturdy.
•The best paper for oil pastels allowing you to rework your picture.
•Comes in student and professional grades. 
•They pack and ship with care. Packages and paper are not damaged upon arrival.


•Some papers will curl and warp. 
•Some watercolor or oil pastel techniques will not work well.


Epson’s watercolor paper
is heavyweight with a coated and textured surface. It’s the best matte paper for art prints. Its surface reproduces vivid colors and beautiful sharp contrasts. It’s the best paper for watercolor prints. Epson brand Radiant White is also cost effective.

Epson paper has four to eight layers comprise each sheet. The layers absorb, lock in and dry color fast. Your favorite normal photograph transforms into a beautiful watercolor print. One side is smooth and the other is rough. You can print on both sides. You’ll get different results, though. The smooth side of the paper produces the results you expect from the label. The rough side produces a flat look. But many people like that effect. 


•The best inkjet paper for fine art prints. 
•Yields great color. It’s the best art paper for oil pastels. 
•The popular paper company.
•Its economical appeal combined with good results also make it the best paper for art prints.


•Take measures to prevent exposure to dampness. 
•You may like to use a fast-drying acrylic sealer with UV protection. 
•Ultra-Premium Presentation Paper is not acid free, which limits the preservation lifetime of your collection. 

Museo Max

Max paper is the best art paper for ink drawings. The finest details will be clear and will not streak. Colors will be strong and clear. For writing and creative works, Museo Max is the best type of paper for fine art prints.

Their superb quality paper makes it the best paper for comic art prints. It’s the best inkjet paper for art prints. It's the best paper to display your prints in your art portfolio. You get a full range of dark and light shadows and sepia toning. Paper layers accept brilliant pigment inks and ink with a dye base. 

With acid free qualities you can display your collection for a lifetime. It’s the best paper for fine art prints. It's excellent for photographic printing, art reproduction, and black and white printing. Use it for portraits, graphics and proofing, sepia prints, and it’s the best paper for comic art prints.


•It's soft to touch and lightweight. Prints can be reproduced on different printers.
•Matte paper receives a good range of color.
•Black and white makes the most of your contrasts with the paper and printer you’re using.


•Printing profiles may cause problems matching the darks of your image color.
•There may be further printing profile issues and adjustments needed.


Hahnemuhle makes the best type of paper for art prints. With their paper you'll get different effects. Mould-made Ingres is the best paper for oil pastel drawing. Sketch/Pastel is made from 100% rag meeting todays demands for long display qualities. If you paint with pastels, Hahnemuhle makes the best paper for oil pastels.

Hahnemuhle is acid free, professional grade matte, black and white or color. It’s good paper for your final prints. Print on one side only. Your paper dries fast and is water resistant. The traditional etching surface texture is 100% cotton rag base fiber. They use renewable fibers to make their Natural Line.


•With trial and error, you can get good results from the printer at your desk top. 


•You may need to recalibrate your printer settings before printing.
•Sometimes the natural FineArt inkjet papers will curl and it can make dark greens appear murky.
•Pigmented inks do not hold the level of light stability of other paper companies.
•Price is higher than other paper companies.


Jet Master Dye Sublimation paper takes high ink capacity under a high heat transfer. It results in beautiful long-lasting high definition metal prints. Your picture transfers by infusion into an aluminum sheet. Picture finishes add a glossy, sharp look and matte softens your picture. 

Innova’s Jet Master Dye Sublimation paper is the best inkjet paper for art prints on Jet Master metal or other materials. 

JetMaster image makes it easy to create a canvas result. Resin coated Photo Metallic Lustre paper is compatible with metallic inks and dyes. If you can't find Innova paper, a great substitute is the Canson Infinity Aquarelle.


•You can download a specifications datasheet and profiles for you printer to get the best print results.


•Higher probability your print will scratch.
•Hd metal pictures are permanent. You must be sure you’ll enjoy your picture for many years. You can’t replace hd metal with a new photo like you can with a framed print. 
•If your picture is not a high-resolution photograph it will lose its definition in the infusion process. And, colors may come out different than you like in your photo.
•UV lighting will destroy prints in time. Lifetime is not archival qualtity.
•Metal prints are heavier than regular photograph prints. Care must be used when hanging hd metal prints on your wall. Consider installing your metal print into a stud.


The best paper for watercolor prints is Legion. Sizing makes it a versatile and sturdy paper. You’re able to wash and rework without the paper weakening. Their coated digital paper holds up as well when printing.

Legion archival paper is 100% cotton fiber, giving it that soft feel. If you do printmaking, work with ink, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, or pastels this is the best paper.

Legion Stonehenge is the best paper for oil pastel drawings. You may use soft or hard pastel. Color is absorbed into paper fibers and remains throughout workable layers. 


•Legion is universal for all works, watercolor, printmaking and it’s the best art paper for oil pastels. Their Strathmore series and Museum Mounting Board are 100% cotton and acid free for long life preservation.
•Legion makes different types and surfaces of paper. 
•Stonehenge is more durable than thinner papers. There’s less ripping or creasing when removing errors and correcting. It’s a sturdy paper making it your choice when working wet on wet watercolor. 
•Request samples to try out their paper products before buying or buy a mini twelve pad sampler.


When working with Yupo paper be careful not to apply direct heat in one area for too long as it can melt your paper. ​
•Though a great product for many project applications TerraSlate is pricey.
•TerraSlate does not print in inkjet printers. It prints in laser printers or copy machine only.


Although there are several arts paper manufacturers, you'll get a selection of paper products for your needs when you select Epson paper brands. They are a versatile paper company that provides photo paper for printing fine art, and the best art paper for oil pastels. Their paper is cost effective with quality appeal.

Epson paper company prides themselves with environmental regulations and preservation. They develop quality across the board for school projects, office documents, writers, artists and print maker’s needs. Refined paper making techniques make a durable, archival paper that produces less dust and won’t curl. It’s the best paper for watercolor prints. The cotton based paper ensures that you achieve black and white or color museum quality reproductions. 

Epson paper has the feel and texture we know you'll like. You’ll be thrilled with your results. You will want to buy this economical paper again and again. 

What is your experience with these paper manufacturers?

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