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The 10 Best Airbrushes 2017

By John Thatch / a few days ago

For years the art of airbrushing has been in decline. Some even call it dead. But a few dedicated souls remain still invested in the craft.In this article you’ll find a few recommended choices. Which were made with the help of professionals and 2 community surveys below. Below the recommendations there’s also a simple visual […]

The 7 Best Colored Pencils For Artists

By John Thatch / 7 days ago

There are no clear cut, absolute best colored pencils.Because most experienced artists tend to mix, match and develope a distinct style they like.An artist will have a set of colored pencils they prefer, that they’ll compile according to their personal experience. Each colored pencil has their own composition, features and flaws.But…A rule of thumb to […]

The Best Embroidery Machines 2017

By Janet / a couple of weeks ago

Embroidery can be brutal. If the long hours don’t get you then the occasional heavy fabric definitely will. Luckily, in the feud of hand vs machine embroidery, most people side with the machines. And yes, hand embroidery can be crazy beautiful but for some of us with kids or multiple jobs, the necessary time becomes […]

31 Talented Fashion Designers to Follow

By Janet / a couple of months ago

What’s fashion to you? Is it that leather jacket you have had for 5 years that still looks good as new? Or is it those studded boots that get compliments every time you wear them out? Yes, fashion is what you wear, what makes you feel good, and something that influences others. But, we often […]

The 5 Best Sewing Machines 2017

By Janet / a couple of months ago

A sewing machine can make life easier for those DIY projects, quick fixes, and it’s often an affordable way to create things like curtains, blankets, and anything relative to embroidering. With sewing machines, you can avoid the high-priced, low-quality store-bought items. Keep in mind that every new project can start out more difficult than you’d […]

The 10 Best Mechanical Pencils 2017

By John Thatch / a couple of months ago

At some time or other we all need to use a pencil, it could be in the working environment or even in the home for various tasks and we usually reach for the trusted wooden pencil only to find the lead is blunt and you don’t have a pencil sharpener, so you reach for your […]

The 5 Best Watercolor Pencils

By John Thatch / a couple of months ago

Watercolor pencils are a quite popular among the artistic community. But what are they, really? Well, as you can see in our colored pencil guide the core inside regular pencils is either oil or wax based. These are what most people are familiar with.But…Watercolor pencils, on the other hand, have water soluble pigments inside. Understand that whether or not […]

The 10 Best Watercolor Paints 2017

By John Thatch / a couple of months ago

Watercolor paint is a combination of gum Arabic and pigment. Almost all paint medium is a pigment and some type of binder. The binder determines the type of paint it is.Oil paint is pigment and oil—typically linseed oil.Encaustic paint is made up of different pigment and wax.Acrylic paint is different pigment mixed with acrylic medium.Watercolors, […]

The 4 Best Acyrlic Paints 2017

By John Thatch / a couple of months ago

Acrylic paints are to an artist as numbers are to a mathematician. Basic and essential. But unlike numbers these chemicals  will be on your skin and the fumes you breathe. You will want to err on the safe side and not harm yourself.Although no company will use an excessive amount of toxic lead in their paints […]

The 29 Best Pens 2017

By John Thatch / a few months ago

Are you a pen enthusiast?Well, if you are then, you’ve struck gold.With the plethora of choices in the market it might get a bit confusing finding the best pen for your needs. I’ve spend the week playing around with different types of pens. Some of them were beautiful and amazing to hold. While others.. not […]

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