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42 Stunning Digital Artists

Once every summer Artfixed rounds up it's favorite artists across categories. In this round-up, I've handpicked exceptional digital artists around the globe that for one reason or another have stood out in the vast sea of talent. These are people who have been mentioned, linked or otherwise talked about without them knowing. Suprise! We also aim to shed some spotlight on some less known artists who have dazzled us with their craft. This list includes animatiors, graphic artists, designers. Anyone who has ever used drawing software or maybe a drawing tablet.

Leiying Chen

wasp by shadowchen

"Wasp" - Leiying Chen

Shadow Chen is a mixed media digital artist and illustrator based in Shanghai, she has just a simple passion which is creating colorful and emotional images out of the love of this world and nature. Her works could be associated with an obsession with the primary forms and colors of the universe, and the evolution of life, the energy of the five elements, they are usually detail oriented and filled with psychedelic colors and shapes.She’s worked with many major creative agencies in Shanghai such as TBWA, Anomaly, Ideo, Neocha and so on, and leading brands including Nike, Converse, Adidas, Lane crawford, Adobe, Starbucks and many others. She also feels grateful and content in the teamworks of generate exciting new ideas and campaigns with other artists and creative agencies for brands that is constantly evolving and thriving for creativities. Right now she’s been working on and seeking opportunities to combine traveling with creating artworks for the varieties of human culture.

Nik Ainley

Only this and nothing more

"Only this and nothing more"

Nik Ainley is a digital illustrator based in the UK. He has been producing personal and commissioned illustrations for a wide array of clients for over ten years. Self-taught, he first found his love for digital art while studying physics at university. He quickly found his interest in producing graphics on computer outgrowing that of his studies. After completing his degree he moved full time into design and illustration and has been there every since.Nik is constantly trying to expand his range of abilities and is happiest when learning new software or techniques. He works in both 2D and 3D software to produce his images and especially enjoys the results combining the two can achieve. was first launched in 2004 and has since attracted over six million visitors. He is represented in the UK by the Central Illustration Agency and sells high quality art prints with ClickforArt. Nik is tired of writing about himself in the third person now and is going to stop.

Mark Sarmel

ride of the samurai

"Ride of the Samurai"

History: Born in Texas. Lives in Detroit. Raised on a steady diet of comic books, Asian cultures, mythology, Hip-Hop and fashion magazines. Trained in the ancient arts of Illustration and Graphic Design at the College for Creative Studies. Once fought a man in a cage.

Alberto Seveso

dobe boost your flow by sevaso

"Adobe boost your flow"

Illustrator & Digital Photographer Alberto Seveso was born in Milan, he grow up in Sardinia but is now working and living in Bristol (UK) as a freelancer. His passion for graphic art started when he was in a young age and he was really fascinated by the graphic of skate decks and the cover of music CD of metal bands in the early ‘90s. From this passion he started to create his artworks.

Tiago Hoisel

Isabel by Tiago Hoisel


Jason Engle

"Chorus of the Damned"

At a very young age I knew that I wanted to be an artist, and pursued that goal with every free moment. Born in southern California in 1979, I was raised by my very encouraging and supportive parents, on a ranch in Arizona until the age of 18.I never attended a major university or art academy of any kind, and I've always found the best teacher in art to be experience itself, so with that in mind, I found a job in commercial art and design, and moved to Florida in 1998 to begin my career. I spent the next few years working on occasional illustration jobs, but mostly doing graphic design to pay the bills. Eventually I accumulated a large enough portfolio that I was able to expand into the publishing markets and begin my illustration career in full. And thats what I've been doing ever since.

Marek Okon

Apocalypse Please

"Apocalypse Please"

I'm professional concept artist and illustrator with over 8 years of industry experience. Working with movie studios like Warner Bros, Marvel, Thunder Road Pictures and 20th Century Fox on projects like "Jupiter Ascending", "Captain America: Civil War", "Gods of Egypt" and "Kingsman: The Golden Circle".My client list also includes video game companies like Ubisoft, Activision and Naughty Dog with whom I worked on AAA projects like „Tom Clancy's The Division”, „ Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and "Last of Us" and „Uncharted” series.

Evgeny Giselev

the endless mural

"The Endless Mural"

The diverse work of Evgeny Kiselev oscillates between the rigors of symmetry and prolific excess.Several compositions begin with vivid tiled patterns that are mirrored again and again until they can no longerbe contained and are forced to push beyond the confines of their logic. Others, emerge from a single outlinethat manifests the controlled lawlessness of the work. Each piece achieves a complexity of color and layerthat continues to build infinitely into the space of the page creating a warping spatial depth.

Kristina Gehrmann


The Execution Of Lady Jane Grey

Kristina Gehrmann is an illustrator and graphic novelist living and working in Hamburg and Meerbusch, Germany. She explores historical and fantasy subjects in a detailed painterly style inspired by classical Western artwork from the 17th to 19th century. Her preferred tools are a Wacom tablet and Photoshop, and her clients are mostly big and small publishing companies and self-publishers.

AJ Frena



AJ Frena is an illustrator from Texas who studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.AJ's work has been commissioned by various high-profile companies in fashion and advertising and has been shown in galleries across the world, including the Margulies Collection and the Onassis Cultural Centre.Their work has been featured by publications such as ImagineFX, Hi-Fructose Magazine, 2D Artist Magazine, Lost at E Minor, Comics Beat, Empty Kingdom, and Illustration Friday, and has been published in the prestigious American Illustration annuals.AJ currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA with a lucky black cat and a lazy border collie.

Kenn Yap


Patrick Brown


"Heath Ledger The Joker"

I have always been greatly inspired by many things, from games to movies and even TV series. If I like something I draw it. Most people call me a fan artist, but I like to think of it as giving me a reason to draw something so I can improve myself for better things. I love what I do, I always have. Without my fans I am nothing, so thank you to everyone who enjoys my work.”

John J. Park

personal dragon girl

"Dragon Girl"

Adam Martinakis



Born in Lubań, Poland in 1972 and is of Polish and Greek descent.Moved to Athens, Greece in 1982.Studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design in Athens.Since the year 2000, has been working and experimenting on Computer-generated visual media(3d digital image/rendering - animation, digital sculpture, digital video, new media).Had been teaching digital arts & design, graphics, interior design and ceramic design in many art institutes.In cooperation with Wanda Print for selected commercial projects.Member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.Lives and works in Poland, Greece and the UK.

Ivona Medarski

A New Dawn by Ivona Medarski

"A New Dawn"

I’m Ivona Medarski, living in Croatia and currently studying fine art at Art Academy in Osijek. My creations are mainly digital fantasy illustrations. At the moment I'm aiming to build my portfolio and illustration skills while working towards a master's degree in fine art.

Andreas Rocha

fields of gold

"Fields of Gold"

Liza Lane

"Gaia - Mother Earth"

Anne Terkelsen

"Trying to Quit"

Wenqing Yan



Alice X. Zhang


Full-time freelance illustrator with an enduring interest in cinema, comics, and pop culture.

Amelia Vidal



Hi there! My name is Amelia Vidal, I am a professional artist working in animation in Argentina for more than 10 years in the area of pre-production, doing character designs, storyboards, layouts and ilustrations. Here you can see my personal work. I hope you like it!

Mariano Gabriel Vidal

higher self

"Higher Self"

Born in September 30, 1971, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since age 4, Mariano attended Belgrano Day School... an English private school, where he spent most of his childhood and early youth years, till finally graduating at age 18, in 1989. Although his interest in sports has always been paramount, he decided it was time for University, becoming a licensed Architect in 1995 (Universidad de Belgrano, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo). Shortly after, he decided that what he really wanted to be was an animator. That is how for the last 19 years Mariano has been creating and animating stuff that can be seen in many commercials, promos, illustrations, and animated features throughout Latin America, Europe and the US.

Carl Burton


Sylvain Sarrailh

"Happy New Year"

Orlando Arocena



Elizabeth Hinders

Everything Becomes Clear

"Everything Becomes Clear"

Cheryl Marland

Inle Lake Fisherman

"Inle Lake Fisherman"

Brian Miller

"Totes adorbots"

Pawel Nolbert



Timothy Reynolds



Turnislefthome (Turnis Left Home) is the moniker of 3D Illustrator Timothy J. Reynolds. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. Now currently living and working in Milwaukee, WI. Proud father of a Cockapoo puppy named Wembley. Yes, named after the Fraggle.

Francisco Perez

"Big Dirty"

Michael Kutsche



Rubens Cantuni

cosmic wheelie

"Cosmic Wheelie"

Mike Winkelmann



Michael Myers


Nicholas Kole

Ristorante Humberto

"Ristorante Humberto"

Angela Rizza

The Wilder Things

"The Wilder Things"

Boris Pelcer



David McLeod

Material Objects

"Material Objects"

Brandon Loving



Abdullah Quick



David Hoskins



Which one is your favorite?

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