Microsoft Surface Studio Review

Creative professionals rejoyce. Something potentially awesome has been created for you. It's beautiful. It's huge. It's light. It's powerful. It's the Microsoft Surface Studio. 


  • i5/i7Intel® Core™ Processor
  • Up to 4GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU
  • Up to 32GB RAM
  • 28” PixelSense™ Display
  • Current price $2,999

What does the 28” PixelSense™ Display mean for us?

"Microsoft PixelSense (formerly called Microsoft Surface) is an interactive surface computing platform that allows one or more people to use and touch real-world objects, and share digital content at the same time." It basically means that it supports touch, and pen input, and it has a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Physical Add-ons


The most noteworthy is of course the Surface Dial. Which seemingly adds another dimension to controlling a touch screen that wasn't possible before. Alternatively you can check out our best drawing tablet guide.



Crazy beautiful. Powerful too but how will it perform? The price is on the heavy side but that's to be expected with a high end flagship product like this. I'll keep updating this as I find out more information about it. If you're able to pre-order Surface Studio before December 1 you'll receive Surface Dial with it.

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John Thatcher is a computer science educated artist. He uses technology to solve artist problems. His friends don't like it when he speaks of himself in the third person. But John does it anyway, because he's a rebel.

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