The #1 Best Osu Tablet 2017

Now not all of us might want that kind of performance but if you're interested in performing better at Osu then you will need to consider a graphic tablet for absolute tracking.

The best way to go about it is with a Wacom graphic tablet such as the Bamboo


Absolute tracking means that unlike the relative tracking from your mouse you'll be able to instantly move the cursor over to a new location.Thus saving you some precious seconds.

You also want a smaller active area so you have to move your arm less.

Last but not least is the parallax and response time of the stylus that matters if you're interested in being anal about it. Some of them shave off milliseconds in response time. Minimizing parallax also means that your cursor be as accurate as possible. With a cheaper alternative you might have to adjust to less than perfect precision.

To recap, the most important aspects for an osu tablet are:

  • ​Absolute tracking
  • Smaller active area
  • Parallax and response time of the stylus

Although Huion's Osu tablet is cheaper it does not have the same driver support. One big common problem graphic tablet users have is the driver incompatibility. If you choose Wacom it will be as simple and plug in and play. Huion's stylus also has a chargeable battery ( which isn't a big problem).

Wrapping it up

You will still see a big gain in speed with Huion's Osu tablet but you will have an even better and smoother experience if you can afford one of the cheaper Wacom tablets.

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