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The 5 Best Osu Tablets 2020 – Artfixed

The 5 Best Osu Tablets 2020

osu is really fun

Osu is fun.

No, osu is not just "fun"...

It's an addictive carneval of colors, music and speed. Best suited for people with the twitchy nervous system of a war veteran. After playing it a bit you quickly realize that you need something better than a mouse to reach the absolute limits of your potential.

If you're interested in becoming better at Osu then you will need to consider a graphic tablet for the absolute tracking it enables. But there are other features to consider, like the RPS, active area size and pressure sensitivity (if you want to also draw or write with it).

For the time being we'll just focus on squeezing out more performance.

If you're interested in becoming better at Osu then you will need to consider a graphic tablet for the absolute tracking it enables. But there are other features to consider, like the RPS, active area size and pressure sensitivity. #Huion #XPPen #gaomon #osu #tablets #technology #gadgets #device #monitor #digitalart #tech
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Features important for OSU:

Absolute tracking
Means that unlike the relative tracking from your mouse you'll be able to instantly move the cursor over to a new location.Thus saving you some precious seconds.

Active area
Smaller is better in this aspect. The less space you have to move your arm the less time is spent, the more points are earned. But at the same time finding the optimal size might be crucial for scoring those extra points for those tight corners. Where a larger active area and a higher resolution might be advised.

Parallax and response time
This matters if you're interested in performing at the absolute limits of perfection. Some of them shave off milliseconds in response time. Minimizing parallax also means that your cursor will be as accurate as possible. With a cheaper alternative you might have to adjust to less than perfect precision. More expensive tablets will have lower parallax but they will also have larger surfaces. In this case there isn't much wiggle room.

To recap, the most important aspects for an osu tablet are:

  • Absolute tracking
  • Smaller active area
  • Parallax and response time of the stylus

Top 5 Tablets for Osu

Huion and XP-Pen are both reliable companies. However with both you might encounter some driver problems. Fixable driver problems. Whereas with a Wacom product it's mostly plug in and play. All tablets require that you install drivers properly.

They can both work on pen-enabled software but won't show their true potential without the right drivers. As you can see if you compare this tablet with the other 420 Huion tablet, it's essentially the same with the exception of the 3 mechanical express keys which you could use in Osu too.

No products found.

The XP-Pen although not as popular as the Huion H420 is possibly the best and better tablet. It has higher resolution and a higher report rate. The accuracy too is higher. Even beating Wacom in this regard but with those tiny measurements I'm not sure if the difference is real?

Probably a result of marketing. In any case the only downside with this model is the active area, it's bigger but that's fine if you have a higher resolution monitor.

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Although the name suggests that it's made for OSU, it does not seem to be in any way be better suited for a OSU enthusiast than the other models in our line up. Well nothing, except the soft drawing pad that's extremely thin. It's thinner, larger and slightly more expensive than the previous examples.

The reading height is slightly better than the Huion H420 and Huion 420.

No products found.

No products found.

This doesn't have the express keys the first Huion model has. In all other significant ways it's no different. It boils down to do you like the aesthetic? Do you want or need the express keys?  The price is slightly less so might be worth it.

Although the most expensive of the bunch you can rest assured because it's a Wacom device and generally much more reliable in every case.

Even if you encounter problems you'll find a better customer support experience than with any other graphic manufacturer.

Wacom drivers will work on any computer at any time. Because they are the leader in the drawing tablet industry and most manufacturers make sure that their pen enabled devices function well with Wacom.

No products found.

Wrapping it up

Although Huion's Osu tablet is popular the better stats are clearly on the XP-Pen. These tablet manufacturer's tend to just make tablets for note taking and drawing and they simply slap the title "Osu" on it to sell a few more units. So when making a decision, don't make it based on the Osu in the name.  Look at the size, the RPS, resolution and activation height.

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