The Parblo Coast10 Review

parblo coast10 review

The Parblo Coast10 is a new graphic monitor. I wrote this review because I noticed there were almost none out there and after discovering the Parblo Coast22 I've realised that Wacom is in for a lot of trouble.
This review much like the post about the Parblo Coast22 will be about why I think Wacom needs to watch out and why you should consider Parblo Coast10 graphic monitor.

Why the Parblo Coast10?

The Stylus Technology


For a long time the drawing tablet community thought that EMR techonlogy was only available to Wacom. Turns out we were wrong. This is a revelation because both Microsoft and Apple still use inferior pens. Both of them have high pressure sensitivity and even tilt. But neither of them managed to make or buy a stylus that does not require recharging or a battery. This is huge. Because previously this was the one reason that Wacom ruled supreme as the dominant force in the market. To my knowledge there are no other pens on the market that can do that, outside of Wacom of course. EMR stands for electro magnetic resonance. It is one of the 4 archtypes of stylus. As far as I know this is also not the perfect stylus because active electrostatic solution (AES) performs better near edges and does not have a parallax ( a disconnect between the pen tip and the surface). But this is still a significant for the market because I truly believe that this could be a viable replacement for a lot of graphic tablets/monitors in the market right now.

The Graphic Monitor


IPS is the name of the game. It stands for In-plane switching. It's a technology used for LCD monitors. It's main purpose is to fix the low viewing angles and the less than perfect color reproduction of a regular LCD screen. The short of it is that if you see an IPS monitor it normally means good quality displays.With a 10 inch diagonal span it's the size of a drawing tablet. If you're considering buying a Intuos Pro Medium or a Small then I think this could be a great alternative. Because it boasts roughly the same size and the same core functionality with the added benefit of actually being able to see you. It can be set up with other monitors.


  • IPS Monitor
  • Great Price/Affordable technology
  • High Pressure sensitivity (2048)
  • No Battery/No Recharging
  • Eraser on stylus


  • No touch sensitivity
  • New model, it's not a proven product yet

User Reviews

Since it was just recently released there's not much information about it. But the few reviews there are, are fairly positive. There are some superficial complaints about the logo not sticking properly but outside of that it seems that the model is fairly in good shape and worth checking out. Remember that it's possible to return it if it's not what it advertises to be.


I'm frankly very excited about this model. Because I really do not approve of big companies milking their customers for all their worth. Parblo might mark a big change in the market. The combination of a powerful stylus that also looks good with the support of a graphic monitor that has an IPS panel at such an affordable price is not something you would see before Parblo entered the market. I would highly recommend you check out the Parblo Coast10 and compare it with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. The trade off between these models should boil down to what is more important to you? Touch Sensitivity or being able to see what you draw as you draw it? There are no other considerations between those models. The Intuos Pro Medium might be just slightly larger and slightly cheaper. 

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