Parblo Coast22 Review

parblo coast 22

Watch out Wacom, you have competition.Not only does this model have a clever brand name it also packs a lot of punch for a pretty good price.I had no idea that this monitor tablet existed but I’m glad that I found it because the stats on this particular model are off the charts.A Stylus that doesn’t require a battery nor recharging. An ISP panel, 21.5 inches of drawing surface. Something just has to be wrong with this model right?
In this review I will try to answer that question. What’s the deal with the Parblo Coast22?

The Stylus - No battery, no recharging

parblo coast10 stylus
  • As said before no battery or recharging required
  • 2048 Pressure Sensitivity
  • Eraser

For a long time I was under the impression that only Wacom had access to such hardware. I’m glad to admit I was wrong. This stylus has everything you’d expect from a Wacom pen and the monitor tablet comes at a fraction of the cost.

The Monitor/Display

IPS panel

An IPS panel is the main technical specification you want to look out for ever you’re buying a tv, monitor or screen for any purpose. If a monitor has (IPS) In-plane switching you know you’re getting a really good monitor. You know this because an ISP panels have the best colors and the best viewing angles in comparison to other monitors.

  • No Battery, No Recharging
  • 2048 Pressure Sensitivity
  • ISP Panel
  • 21* diagonally
  • Eraser

The only real downside is that this model does not have touch sensitivity. Nor tilt on stylus. But I'd ask how often do you use tilt?


I think this is the start of the decline of Wacom supremacy. The EMR tech stylus coupled with high quality monitors makes you wonder what are you really paying for when you buy a Cintiq? So you get 2048 pressure sensitivity and ISP panel. You do not need anything else.

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