How to Set Up Photoshop Tablet Settings

photoshop tablet settings

Regardless of the tablet you own, at a certain point you will need to set it up with Photoshop. Although graphic tablets tend to work out of the box once you plug in the device, you might still want to have a better experience.  Either to make sure that your pressure sensitivity is working or that that there is no jitter when starting to draw. In this tutorial I'll cover some basic essentials and some nice to have enchancements that you might want to consider.

Photoshop tablet settings in 7 steps:

1. Check for and uninstall any previous tablet drivers

Just press on the "Windows" button on your screen or keyboard and type in "Apps and Features" this will give you the new install manager where you can type in any previous tablets you've used ( such as Wacom, Huion, Parblo etc)

2. Restart your computer

This is mandatory, I do not recommend you skip this.

3. Install the drivers of your new device​

Instead of the drivers that come with your tablet I suggest you download the latest driver available from the official webpage of the tablet you're using. Depending on the device you might get outdated drivers since they sit in storage and don't get updated while they are circulating.

4. Restart again ( optional)

This is recommended but not always necessary.

5. In Photoshop open up "Brush Panel"

If you didn't follow the previous instructions then I recommend you go back and do them. Because driver conflicts will prevent your device from registering pressure sensitivity and can result in other problems like parallax not registering properly. Having said that go to the "Brush Panel

brush panel

6. Enable pressure sensitivity in brush settings

pressure sensitivity in brush panel

7.Setting up Wacom Tablet Properties

The last final step or one of the first steps you could take after installing your new drivers is setting up the exact controls the Wacom tablet has over your Photoshop Application. Your choices are numerous but I normally prefer the default settings. Just press on your windows button or key and insert "Wacom tablet properties" into search until the auto-fill shows you the program.

wacom tablet properties for photoshop

That's it. Enjoy!

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