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Yesterday, I was browsing Amazon on what books to spend my monthly book allowance and I stumbled upon Cory Huff's "How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms. I had seen it on Amazon a couple of times but I didn't think much of it. I didn't think it could suprise me, so I hold off on it.

But... since I'm currently working on my creativity post, I decided to binge on another art book. Maybe I could learn something new. Yet again life slaps me for being arrogant. I thought it would be a waste of money.  It's definitely worth the money if you are:

  1. A novice artist or
  2. Non-artist or
  3. Novice marketer or
  4. Parent of an aspiring artist

It's a MASSIVE resource for those creatives who think the internet or computer stuff is too hard and not for them. I would even recommend this for parents of artists who need help understanding that being an artist does not mean a life of struggle anymore. Cory says a lot of the stuff I would say to you if I had the patience. He's an artist, who is firmly grounded in reality. A reality that is nowadays very faborable to artists who do the hard work. 

You will learn about:

Mindset - How to start thinking differently

Early on he uses the word talent. Which I do not like. I believe talent is something some kids spend their youth doing more of than their "untalented" counterparts. I am one of those so called "talented" kids. I could speak and read 2 additional languages before I studied them. I spent my youth watching a couple hours of foreign tv every day. That's not mythical talent. That's a child's ability to learn rapidly.

But outside of that he keeps pounding in how you are the master of your own life. Choose the life you want to lead. You have the tools and capability to forge your own way. Cory believes in you. He will tell you about the common pitfalls artists have and tell you how to improve. 

Marketing & Sales - How it works, what you shouldn't do etc

Really good basic information that you could learn for free on the internet but would have to spend an ungodly amount of time to learn. His book is great for getting all the vital information fast.

One thing I wish Cory had done differently is make his case studies more in-depth. I think that's something that's currently lacking. I might do an in-depth study in the next 2 months just to show what's possible. I've been putting it off for too long.

Setting up your Website - Structure, tools, programs 

You could learn this information for free on the internet. But it would basically mean having to go through a lot of blogs and resources  to compile the information that he has put together for you for a very good price. Skip a Big Mac meal and buy this book instead.


If you don't know anything about marketing psychology, sales, setting up a website OR if you struggle with your thoughts about living as an artist then this is definitely a book worth buying. I think Cory's book and Cory are better than the first impression I had of him. Cory also has an awesome website with very in-depth resources at the TheAbundantArtist. Check him out.

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John Thatcher is a computer science educated artist. He uses technology to solve artist problems. His friends don't like it when he speaks of himself in the third person. But John does it anyway, because he's a rebel.

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