31 Talented Fashion Designers to Follow

fashion designer to follow

What’s fashion to you?

Is it that leather jacket you have had for 5 years that still looks good as new? Or is it those studded boots that get compliments every time you wear them out?

Yes, fashion is what you wear, what makes you feel good, and something that influences others. But, we often seem to forget those who make our fashion dreams come true.

I've listed 45 talented fashion designers, along with a gorgeous piece of work (created by them). The choices are random, not value judgments, because taste varies. But I did make a few choices based on not just looks, but the societal good the brand is doing.

Elizabeth Suzann

meredith turtleneck

Elizabeth Suzanna, a independent designer created her Nashville-based label to appeal to those who are looking for modern, everyday, and for the most part, seasonless pieces. Elizabeth’s pieces are made with care, packed by loyal lovers of the brand, and are made of natural fibers. Most knits are are made of 100% rib alpaca, while other pieces like shorts and skirts are 100% linen.

Sarah Anne Burroughs

jewel clutch 2

Anne B was created by Sarah Anne Burroughs to provide you simple and practical designs, made from quality materials. Sarah speaks more about her mission here, but essentially she has launched a program that identifies, trains, and employs local refugees as seamstresses. Not only does she create lovely bags and clutches, but she does so much good for the world. You go, Sarah!

Niyi Okuboyejo


Niyi first did a soft launch for Post-Imperial in Fall 2013 with pocket squares. Post-Imperial is described by Niyi as, “A lifestyle brand with a colorful and vibrant reassessment of cultural standards within fashion. It carries a strong sense of optimism for the future. It always feels familiar, even when the concepts aren’t.” Post-Imperial is a line created for men and it has now ventured from pocket squares and accessories, to everyday clothing.

Abby Carnevale


Abby Carnevale is a Vermont native that turned her love for jewelry making into a full time, successful career. The line has quickly gone from domestic to international and gained recognition from Elle Mexico, Refinery 29, and more. All of A. Carnavale jewelry is made by hand in NYC.

Alice Whiteley


Yawn was created by Alice Whiteley, a struggling mom trying to balance life and all the craziness that comes with it. While she strolled through departments stores looking for pajamas for the few moments of relaxation she had, she found that there was a gap in the nightwear market for a characterful and colorful British-designed nightwear brand. She tells The Guardian, “I knew we would need to focus on beautiful natural materials, and brilliant design and manufacturing.” And that is exactly what Yawn PJ’s have supplied. Comfortable but stylish pajama sets.

Alexander Spencer and Teale Talbot (creators of Réalisation Par)

dusty blue spot

Alexander Spencer and Teale Talbot have brought women together with their Réalisation Par brand. Creatively, they designed their brand to target specific missing pieces a woman may be missing from her wardrobe. By not creating a collection, they provide special items we’ve all been looking for. Maybe you’ll find the perfect little black dress or that perfect ruffled top you’ve searched high and low for. These two women combined have produced gorgeous, affordable apparel, along with quirky descriptions of each piece.

Darlene and Lizzy Okpo


Tommie Stripe TeeDarlene and Lizzy Okpo are sister creators of the fashion brand william okpo. Named after their immigrant father, they aimed to create their designs based on his unique and unwavering sense of style while still achieving the American dream. Darlene and Lizzy both had no experience before plunging into the world and it looks like they came out alright.

Erika Simon


Erika Simon is the founder and creator a New York based jewelry brand named Robbie Simon. She named the company Robbie Simon after her grandfather Robbie Taub. Her grandfather was a dentist and often made use of the scrap gold from his office. He crafted beautiful jewelry, charms, and trinkets. He even designed both of her parent’s wedding rings. Channeling her grandfather’s craftsmanship, Erika started making pieces of her own and it all led her to where she is now. She happily runs her company and creates fabulous jewelry designed for women of the world who are missing those accessories from their everyday wardrobe.

Kai D. Fan

kimono jacket

Kai D. Fan created Kai D Utility with one simple thing in mind. Create handsome and functional lasting goods that are meant for a lifetime of experiences. His rugged/vintage collection appeals to the working man and those who believe in buying quality products that last long.

Ksneia Schnaider


Ksenia Schnaider is an independent studio founded in 2011 by a fashion designer Ksenia Schnaider herself. Deconstructed, oversized, dimensional and layered is what the brand is best described as. Ksenia is best known for her edgy denim pieces and ordinary, yet intriguing style.

Vanessa Chew

wooden circles

Vanessa Chew’s brand, Vanessa Chew Designs, was born out of the desire to keep off-cuts from gifts, made during Vanessa's time in grad school, out of the waste stream. She uses re-purposed wood from local wood mills and mills the wood at a local wood shop to prepare it for use to create her jewelry.

Vincent Lai


Vincent Lai, designer of the made in New York accessories label, ‘Skinny Vinny,’ focuses on bags, wallets and ties. His products are simple, yet all about delivering wearable, artisan goods that never go out of style.

Camilla Elphick


Camilla Elphick followed her life long dreams and started her own shoe brand. The business has been built around Camilla’s long-standing passion for shoes and firm belief that good shoes make a lasting first impression. Camilla cites New York as a key source of inspiration. The style of Camilla Elphick can be identified with people who appreciate the style of women like Miley Cyrus and Ellie Goulding.

Theo Dekan


Theo was created by Theo Dekan and Oksana Denis. The concept of Theo develops three main areas; 1. ironic (feminine ironically plus bright colors) 2. straight (concise, based on the male silhouette images with elements of deconstruction) 3. eccentric (intriguing and bold images for the evening.) Theo knows what he wants in his brand, so he participates in every stage of creation of every item produced.

Christina Chang

scarf 2

Christina Chang plunged into the fashion world, starting with scarves. Her NY based label, Chrisu, features hand drawn designs and then each design is printed on silk scarves for the perfect, whimsical accessory.

Olivia Wendel


Olivia Wendel describes her brand as “wearable arts.” Each design is hand painted in Brooklyn, NY and then printed onto luxurious silk in Como, Italy. She sees textiles as a way to bring her paintings to life, expressing personal narratives using a variety of materials and processes.

Danielle Guizio


This 25 year old designer creates tracksuits, bodysuits, personal bomber jackets, and graphic tees that have caught the eye of Instagram’s biggest fashion icons. Those like Bella Hadid, Lorde, and Kylie Jenner have flaunted Guizio’s brand and give her new business to appealing customers who all love the laid back, good-vibes kind of feeling Guizio’s brand gives.

Johna Stone

johanna footwear

Johna Stone graduated from Parsons with a BFA in fashion design with a focus on womenswear. From there, he launched his New York-based line. He was inspired by working women during WWII and describes his namesake label as authentic, chic and quirky.

Olga and Marina Andreeva


Mother and daughter duo, Olga and Marina Andreeva founded the brand Andreeva and took the cosmos as an inspiration for their line. The brand is famous for using 100% hand-knitted and crocheted elements, macrame lace, and hand-made satin stitch embroidery. Each piece is delicately designed with either stars or other features to mimic the galaxy.

Kanoko Mizuo


Kanoko Mizuo, founder of Vasic, is widely know for her growing indie-style Instagram page. Vasic is a handbag collection featuring timeless, functional, and standard bag for every day use. Vasic has been pegged as ‘the next Mansur Gavriel.’

Kurt Narmore


The inspiration behind Kurt Narmore’s menswear line Noon Goons is, “YOUTH AGAINST ESTABLISHMENT.” Noon Goons collection has an impressive aesthetic and lineup. The brand features button down shirts, graphic tees, and hats that all represent a genuine, yet rebellious authenticity.

David Keyte


Davide Keyte created Universal Works while working from his kitchen table with an aim to make real, honest clothing based on fit and good design, though never over designed. His inspiration comes from his younger years growing up in a provincial midlands town in the seventies. He was part of a working class family that loved to dress well and drew inspiration from his father and uncles. David’s brand is simple and refreshingly aesthetic.

Dora Domoko


Dora Domoko started her brand, Delacier, by experiment. She began using a traditional string art technique and focusing on accessories and apparel. She saw the beauty of the material and started using it on stainless steel jewelry. From there, Delacier was born. Delacier features bold pieces from stainless steel and unique, intricate designs.

Aaron Osborn


New York based shoe company Osborn, was created by Aaron Osborn. The collection of shoes are made from locally sourced materials and has evolved into a brand that focuses on handmade, sustainable, vertical production, and making sure that the beautiful hand of the artisan is felt within the products.

Daniëlle Cathari


22 year old Daniëlle Cathari is a student at AMFI and already making her debut in NYFW. Her style is considered a ‘deconstructed vintage’ and has built a notion of repurposing. Besides fashion design, she is also ½ part of a photography duo.

Emma Pake


Emma Pake, owner and founder of Emma Pake, specializes in swimwear. Emma taps into her passion and love for the 1920’s architecture and tropical art deco styles of sunny Miami. For Emma, swimwear is detailed and never an afterthought. Her end result is a swimwear collection that redefines luxury fashion swim items.

Nannette Lepore

white dress

Nannette Lepore built a fashion empire. Born to an eccentric Modern artists and a stylishly smart schoolteacher, her love for fashion began at a young age. She continued to love fashion throughout her bohemian upbringing and eventually married an artist. The two of them headed east to take on NY. From there, she began her fashion journey in creating a brand that is compelled to create impeccable and high quality pieces for the woman who is serious, strong, and sexy.

Jess Rizzuti


Harper Mini Baguette LapisJess Rizzuti is a New York based handbag designer. Like most designers, her passion began when she was young. Jess is aware of environmental impact and believes in upholding ethical standards. Her bags range from eco-friendly clutches created from wood cork to everyday polished leather satchels.

Agnese Narņicka


One Wolf is a fashion label founded by fashion designer Agnese Narņicka. Raw denim and stone washed jeans are what they consider their iconic product of the label and the apparel is unisex and features ready-to-wear pieces that blend functionally.

Meriem Semlali-Broby and Flora Mascolo


ELLEƧD is the brand created by friends Flora Mascolo and Meriem Semlali-Broby. When creating their label in 2014, they saw a gap in the women’s market for leather clothes. ELLEƧD is an ethical company and they believe in fair trade. They use the best, high quality lambskin. Their pieces are strong and confident, just like the women that wear it.

Nina Verklas

dress 2

Nina Verklas was taught how to sew at age 6. From there, she grew into the fashion designer, beauty guru, and blogger she is today. The collection she has created is for women who need attire to wear either from work, or a night out. These pieces are easily transitional from day to evening.

Toni Hacker

bracelet 2

Toni Hacker, created of Thacker, speaks highly of her brand she created. She says, “I decided to create a collection of modern essentials that mix, match, and travel with ease. A collection that works for women of all ages and helps them to look polished, pulled-together, and chic in a flash.” Her approach to design from a love for modern classics with serious functionality.

Agnieszka Skalska and Joanna Soroczak

necklace 2

Agnieszka Skalska and Joanna Soroczak are a duo who created Kamena. Kamena jewelry is inspired from their love of rocks and stones. Each piece is crafted with an elegant and acquired touch and is aimed at finding the natural harmony and beauty in each woman.

Tasha Sterling

blue dress 2

The lifestyle brand Sterling & Singh celebrates the timeless style of polo's golden era in the 1930’s. The label’s is a tribute to Stewart B. Iglehart, amongst the top polo players in the world. His son, Stewart B. Iglehart Jr. teamed up with creator Tasha Sterling to create the first collection. The designs and colors of the pieces play off of Iglehart’s roots.

Asli Acar and Gamze Keklik

caught up

Bassigue founders Asli Acar and Gamze Keklik launched their brand. Bassique created a bridge between qualities, design, and what they had found during their travels. Bassigue is known for its effortless and energetic pieces.

Isabel Lennse

bracelet 3

Isabel Lennse launched her first collection in 2012. She has said, “I wish my jewelry will be worn by future generations.” Her clean sign is designed by her love for precious metals and she makes her jewelry with gold, silver, and diamonds. Her vision is to create tomorrow’s classics.

Who is your favorite?
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