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The 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners 2020 – Artfixed

The 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners 2020

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Gone are the days of chipping away at a pencil with a craft knife or using a manual sharpener to refresh your leads. Usually, your best option is a pencil sharpener that’s electric, because they boast a whole load of benefits over traditional sharpening methods.

An electric pencil sharpener can save you heaps of time, keep your space tidy, and provide you with the perfect pencil point every single time. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the best electric pencil sharpener, and we’ll collate ten of our favorites that are available to buy right now. #electricpencilsharpener #electricsharpener #pencilsharpener #pencil #sketch #paper #drawing #sketchbook #traditional #traditionalart #art #review #oldschool #minimalist

An electric pencil sharpener can save you heaps of time, keep your space tidy, and provide you with the perfect pencil point every single time. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the best electric pencil sharpener, and we’ll collate ten of our favorites that are available to buy right now.

How to pick the best electric pencil sharpener:

Size – There are electric sharpeners designed for portability that have a small footprint, and others that are larger to incorporate a bigger shavings reservoir. There are benefits to both options, so consider your personal requirements before buying.

Speed – Some models can sharpen a brand new pencil to the perfect point in just three seconds, while others can take up to 15. If you plan on using your sharpener frequently it’s worth looking for a faster option that will save you time.

Safety features – Auto-shut off features help to avoid accidents, so keep an eye out for these if children will be using the sharpener.

Power – Electric pencil sharpeners are either powered by an AC adapter, USB cable, or batteries. Some models offer all three options for better flexibility and portability.

Design – Look for design features that make your life a little easier, such as a large shaving reservoir or suction feet. Some sharpeners also offer the capability to sharpen pencils of different sizes, or to different levels of sharpness.

10. Zmol

Zmol’s electric pencil sharpener is the best electric pencil sharpener for kids.

+Cute design

+Pencil saver technology

+Smart safety features


The design of this sharpener is what makes it stand out from the crowd. The cat design is complete with ears, an eye which doubles as the sharpener, and a tongue to pull out the shavings tray. As well as being cute, this sharpener also packs in lots of smart features. Pencil saver technology prevents over-sharpening of pencils in the hands of enthusiastic children, and the auto shut off feature avoids accidents by stopping the sharpener from working when the tray isn’t in position.

This sharpener is extremely efficient and can sharpen a pencil in just three to five seconds. You can even select from three sharpness levels: blunt, medium, and sharp. At over $30, this pencil sharpener doesn’t come cheap. But Zmol claims it can last up to 6,000 times without wearing out so it will last most people a lifetime.

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BOOCOSA’s electric pencil sharpener is packed full of flexible features.

+Works with batteries or mains electricity

+Adjustable sharpening levels

+Built to withstand wear and tear


BOOCOSA’s pencil sharpener works with an AC adapter or with batteries, giving you the choice of using it remotely or in a fixed position. You can also choose whether your pencil is sharpened to a fine point, a flat edge, or a blunt lead, which is a useful feature for artists who work with regular or colored pencils.

The quality of this sharpener is impressive, and it’s possibly the best electric pencil sharpener for colored pencils. The motor is powerful enough to sharpen pencils in seconds, and the steel helical blade is built to be long-lasting. The large shavings bin can also withstand being dropped without shattering, which is a useful feature if you’re planning on using it in busy classrooms. As with the Zmol sharpener, BOOCOSA’s offering doesn’t come cheap. But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

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AFMAT’s Heavy Duty pencil sharpener is built for speed and stamina.

+Long lasting

+Speedy sharpening

+Safety features

-Can be unreliable

As its name suggests, this is the best electric pencil sharpener for heavy-duty sharpening. The robust helical blade can handle 6,000 jobs and can fully sharpen a pencil in as little as three seconds. AFMAT is so confident in its sharpener’s staying power in fact, that a two-year guarantee is offered as standard.

There are plenty of smart features, including the auto feature which stops the motor when it detects that the pencil has been sharpened to one of three predetermined levels. An additional inbuilt auto stop feature prevents the sharpener from being used when the tray is open, making it safe for children to use. The suction feet are a great finishing touch as they prevent the sharpener from sliding around while in operation.

Performance can sometimes be a little unreliable, but overall AFMAT’s electric pencil sharpener is an excellent workhorse.

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X-ACTO’s SchoolPro is the best electric sharpener for classrooms. 

+Dependable performance 

+Caters to six different pencil styles

+Extra-quiet motor

-Blades can dull easily

This heavy-duty sharpener is the best electric pencil sharpener for schools. Its rugged construction provides dependable performance which allows it to stand up to even the heaviest of usage. The shavings bin is large enough to cater to a busy classroom, and the non-skid feet keep it in place to avoid accidents.

This sharpener can be adjusted to suit six different pencil styles from beginner pencils to color pencils, so you won’t need more than one sharpener to cover your classroom needs. The motor is whisper quiet to avoid creating distractions, and when it’s not in use it draws no electricity so you can leave it plugged in and ready to go.

The SchoolPro is the best electric pencil sharpener for teachers because it sharpens pencils to safe, rounded points which are perfect for students to use across a variety of tasks. The flyaway cutter system stops the cutter automatically when the pencil is ready for use to avoid waste.

The only downside to this sharpener is that the blades dull after a while which means that pencils have to be re-sharpened more frequently. This could cause unnecessary disruptions in a classroom environment.

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The QuietSharp 6 from Bostitch is designed for classrooms but we actually think it’s the best electric sharpener for offices.

+Extremely durable

+Fast and quiet

+Pencil size selector

-Wax build up can be an issue

Durability is a major selling point of this electric sharpener, and the hardened helical cutter is built to last up to ten times longer without dulling. The sharpener also comes with a seven-year warranty which proves just how confident Bostitch is that it’s built to last.

Bostitch claims that this efficient sharpener is 70% faster and that it can sharpen a brand new pencil in just four seconds. The mechanism is incredibly quiet (hence its name) so it won’t disturb anyone in a quiet office environment. It’s also stall-free thanks to the thermal overload protection which prevents overheating.

As with X-ACTO’s SchoolPro, there is a six-size selector which would suit a creative environment like an art studio. The cutters pull back when the pencil is sufficiently sharpened so pencils last longer. Wax build up from color pencils can be an issue which is why we think this sharpener is better for offices rather than classrooms, but intermittently sharpening a graphite pencil solves the issue.

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The V-7 from OfficeGoods is the best electric pencil sharpener for artists.

+Choose your level of sharpness

+Suitable for a variety of pencils

+Extremely portable

-Slow sharpening

The V-7 is designed to deliver the perfect point for a variety of pencils, which makes it a great choice for anyone studying or working in the art field. You can choose from blunt, medium or sharp points to create the lines you need for your artwork, and it can handle color, graphite, and standard #2 pencils.

This pencil sharpener is also extremely portable. Its footprint is small so it can easily be carried around or stored in a drawer when not in use. It can also be powered via an AC adapter, a USB cord, or with batteries, giving you more flexibility if you’re sketching outside or working or studying in various locations.

The V-7 is slow when compared to other electric pencil sharpeners on this list, and it can take up to 15 seconds to sharpen a new pencil. But if you’re not in a rush, it’s a great option at a reasonable price.

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The PowerMe is the best electric pencil sharpener for general use and is one of the best rated electric pencil sharpeners on the market.

+Stylish and robust

+Efficient sharpening

+Great safety features

-One-handed operation isn’t possible

If you’re looking for an electric pencil sharpener for various uses, PowerMe is a great choice. The design is subtle enough for the office and robust enough for the classroom. The high-grade stainless steel helical blade can handle up to 3,000 uses, and the premium-quality build means that it can withstand being knocked and dropped without smashing.

It only takes three seconds to sharpen a pencil and the extra-large shavings reservoir requires less emptying, making this one of the most efficient sharpeners on the market. The auto-stop safety feature is a great addition for home use if you have small children, and the auto-jam release system stops pencils getting stuck if over-eager hands push them in too far.

The one clear fault with this sharpener is that you have to hold it while you sharpen as the lack of rubber feet means that it will spin if left on the desk. If you’re looking for one-handed operation, this might not be the best option for you.

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TripWorthy’s electric pencil sharpener is the best choice for safety features.

+Excellent safety features

+Extremely portable

+High-quality build

-Sharpening can be uneven

Several of the electric pencil sharpeners on this list have great safety features, but TripWorthy’s offering delivers excellent safety at a very fair price. The auto-stop safety feature prevents the sharpener from working if any of the parts are missing, so there’s no way that small fingers can find their way into the mechanism. This makes it a great option for classroom or home use.

The battery-powered design makes this sharpener perfect for portability which is a handy feature for students or teachers working across multiple classrooms. It’s also compact and lightweight, and the high-quality build means it can withstand being thrown in a backpack and taken with you everywhere.

Sharpening can be a little uneven and one side of the pencil often retains more wood than the other, but a gentle turn of the pencil rectifies that issue right away.

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X-ACTO’s XLR is the most stylish electric pencil sharpener on the market.

+Stylish design

+Reliable, precision performance

+Plenty of smart technology

-The auto-reset feature is frustrating

The sleek and subtle design of this electric pencil sharpener will look great on any desk and gives the impression of a product much more expensive than its $15 price tag. Performance is also more premium than you might expect from a sharpener at this price: the heavy-duty electric motor is powered by an AC adapter to deliver reliable performance, and the hardened helical cutter is designed to sharpen pencils with perfect precision.

There’s plenty of smart technology on board the XLR sharpener. PencilSaver technology extends pencil life by avoiding over sharpening, and SafeStart ensures that the sharpener can’t be used unless the shaving reservoir is in place to avoid accidents. The auto-reset feature helps prevent damage and overheating to ensure that the sharpener lasts as long as possible, but it can be frustrating when the sharpener suddenly stops working in order to cool down.

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SMARTRO’s Dual Hole sharpener is the best electric sharpener with two holes.

+Dual holes of different sizes

+Fast and efficient


-Shavings bin fills up quickly

If you have lots of different pencil types to sharpen, you can do the job twice as fast with this dual hole sharpener. One hole is for 9-12 mm pencils and the other for 6-8mm pencils, and both can handle color or #2 pencils. Each hole only takes three to five seconds to sharpen, too, and it’s this efficiency that makes this pencil sharpener popular with teachers.

This portable pencil sharpener is compact and lightweight so it can easily be carried around, and it is battery operated so there’s no need to search for a power source. If you prefer to be wired in, though, you can also use an AC adapter or USB cable to power the sharpener. The compactness of this sharpener means that the shavings bin is small and can fill up pretty quickly, but the low price still makes it a best buy electric pencil sharpener.

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What is the Best Electric Pencil Sharpener?

The best electric pencil sharpener for kids is Zmol’s offering, with its adorable design and clever safety features. If you’re looking for a mid-priced all-rounder, Bostitch’s durable QuietSharp 6 delivers fast and quiet performance across a range of pencil sizes. If you’re looking for a portable electric pencil sharpener, TripWorthy’s model doesn’t require mains power and is robust enough to be taken with you everywhere.

Which electric pencil sharpener is sitting on your desk right now? Let us know in the comments.

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